SPORTident is proud to be sponsor of the WOD 2017

Enjoy our special offers for the World Orienteering Day

Special offers

We believe in the importance of activities in sports to enhance health and vitality. It is our aim to promote and support the orienteering sport all over the world.

Specially for the World Orienteering Day 2017 we developed orienteering equipment for the young generation of orienteers. Children from all over the world aspire to follow in the footsteps of their idols. We would like to support this next generation in reaching their goals, with full performance timing equipment adjusted for schools and kids, fully compatible with the common SPORTident hardware.

New ideas are required to make physical education more varied and vital. Kids want to be attracted. Exercises should be fun to do while stimulating movement and developing physical abilities.

The World Orienteering Day is a great opportunity to make orienteering more visible and attractive for all people worldwide.

Be part of the World Orienteering Day and use our special offer to make your event exciting and unforgettable.

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Full performance sport compass combined with SI-Card technology

SPORTident ComCard "School"

InfoThe SPORTident ComCard "School" is a novel product for kids, combining SPORTident card and compass in one single, beautiful device. Use the ComCard "School" to both navigate on the track and punch at the control stations. The ComCard "Schools" patent-pending design guarantees zero deviation of the compass needle and at the same time offers the comfortable SPORTident punching experience that you have come to rely on.
CapsuleThe ComCard is equipped with a good, all-around Moscompass capsule with fast setting time and good stability. The capsule features a large needle and a full scale, making it ideal for the beginning and advanced orienteer. Both left-handed and right-handed compass models are available.

20 punches

ApplicationSchool sports

Take part of our WOD lottery and win a set of 15 O-Stands+15 flags

Valid until the 30th of April

Use your chance to complete your "WOD" School-Set and win a supporting set of
15 O-Stands and 15 control flags. 

With every order of a “WOD” School-Set you will automatically participate to our lottery which will take place on the 30th of April 2017.

Be part of the World Orienteering Day and use our special offers to make your event exciting and unforgettable. Specially for the World Orienteering Day 2017 we developed orienteering equipment for the young generation of orienteers. This also affects the support of the work of the organisers and the teachers in orienteering activities. Create an exciting course, turn on our timing equipment, start with the competition and get an instant printout of the results. The kids will love it! 

Order now one of our "WOD" School-Set!