RFID Solutions & Academy Pvt Ltd is the Privately Held Registered Company in India having its offices in Singapore, Europe and Partners across the Globe. RFID Solutions & Academy Pvt Ltd formed in Year 2011 is the Group Company of IOS , which is the leading Group in the Identification Technology like OMR, OCR & ICR Technologies. IOS is the leading Software Infrastructure and Service Provider .

RFID Solutions & Academy Pvt Ltd , provides end to end solutions from Inception to delivery or individual ala-carte Hardware like RFID Tags , RFID Readers , Antennas , Encapsulation services , Consultancy , Site Surveys , Tender and Third Party Audit Services

RSAPL also provides training in its Academy . Training is focused on the Basics of RFID Technology to more advanced Implementation . Academy works with the Engineering Institutes to train and deliver new RFID Specialist Engineers who can work on the field and on the site . They would be equipped with the latest gadgets and skills to carry out the job across the world.

RFID Solutions and Academy Pvt. Ltd, provides RFID technology based services, be it designing, developing softwares, and integrating the whole RFID technology based setup and provide solutions to Organizations in retail, defense, transportation, healthcare, academic institutions and other industries to employ RFID technology to bring new efficiencies to supply chains, track assets, ensure product quality and consumer safety, protect the integrity of brands, promote security and more. We work towards promoting a smart and intelligent business enterprise.

We believe all business setups are not the same, the primary requirement of one enterprise may not be of any importance for the other, so do our services, hence we treat each of our customer as a different enterprise all together and offer RFID based services and solutions which can take their enterprise to the zenith.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, a technology that uses communication via radio waves to exchange data between a reader and an electronic tag. We work towards exploiting the same and building up a resourceful environment through which any organization or individual will surely benefit. RFID solutions combined with mobile computing and web technologies provide an ideal way for organizations to identify and manage their assets. Mobile computers with integrated RFID readers deliver set of tools that eliminate paper work, identity verification issues, attendance management, etc. solely to reduce the manpower and save time.

We use the best of the world equipment and an intelligent workforce to build the customer specific modules. We work with Alien Technologies, USA which is a leading manufacturer of RFID tags, and RFID readers worldwide.

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