RFID Reader

Powerful and Easy-to-Use Gen 2 RFID Readers

Alien Technology provides an array of high-performance, flexible EPC Gen 2 RFID readers that are easy to deploy and manage. The Alien line encompasses readers compliant with U.S., European and Asian regulations, all based on a common software interface, the Alien Reader Protocol, to maximize return on investment and to speed implementation.

The Alien Reader Protocol gives RFID users a well-equipped toolkit for implementing effective RFID solutions. Using the Alien command set, Alien readers deliver the power and flexibility that software professionals and solutions engineers need.

Thanks to broad industry support, it is easy to implement with Alien Readers. The Alien Reader Protocol is supported by key RFID software platforms including Microsoft BizTalk RFID, IBM WebSphere, Oat Systems, Oracle, GlobeRanger and others. Proven support for SAP through middleware is also available. A well-documented SDK featuring .NET and Java libraries enables easy, custom interfaces to control the reader if desired.


Self-Optimizing Enterprise RFID Reader

ALR-F800-X With Emissary™

Enterprise RFID Reader & Edge Service Device


Cost Effective Smart Antenna


Low Profile, Low Overhead, 4-Port RFID Reader


Android “Connected” Handheld

ALR-S350 Sled Handheld

Universal Mobile RFID without the Hassle


The Alien ALR-H460 is the ultimate RFID handheld device

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