Quicklink TX Product

Skype live anyone anywhere in broadcast-ready high definition

The Quicklink TX designed in partnership with Microsoft is a video call management system. It enables professional reception and transmission of Skype video calls through an SDI and HDMI interface.

Product Highlights

  • Professional SD/HD SDI input/output
  • Additional HDMI and analogue video input/output
  • 4K resolution ready
  • The Quicklink Contributor helps you to connect with millions of Skype users worldwide
  • Video quality optimisation with Bondio network enhancer
  • Touch screen ready display with real time status information
  • Skype TX controller software with control console
  • Ultra low delay: For instantaneous 2 way video/audio contributions Video and audio free from adverts
  • Aspect ratio correction method: Scale your SDI input picture to your requested resolution
  • Customisable tally option: Notification of active calls
  • Talkback: Switch between 3 different audio sources
  • High-quality Dante™ and Livewire+™ AES67 Audio over I.P supported
  • 16-channel audio ready
  • Balanced analogue and embedded SDI audio
  • AES / EBU Audio
  • Remote Management Ethernet Port
  • Breakout cable connector for flexible integration in your workflow
  • Free complementary support: via the Quicklink customer portal

Why Choose the Quicklink TX?


    • Be first on the scene to broadcast the latest breaking news. Create authentic content with real-time access to contributors
    • Connect with multiple remote Skype users, anywhere, anytime
    • Reach Skype users on any video-enable device


Cost Effective

    • Free Skype TX controller software download
    • Global live contributor reach event for small production companies
    • Reduced need for complex cabling
    • No need for extra equipment thanks to the automatic aspect ratio conversion and balanced audio
    • No need for satellite trucks and associated hardware



  • Flexible integration into established workflows with SDI and HDMI input/output
  • Simple central control and management of multiple calls with Skype TX controller
  • Technical data from the calls optimize both calls quality and user experience
  •  Professional solution which doesn’t compromise the video and audio call quality
  • Automatic falls back to a still image if the video quality drops below a certain threshold and switches back to video once the network conditions improve
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