Conference Management System

RFID Based Visitor and Conference Management System is a unique combination

Radio frequency identification is generating quite the buzz for trade shows, events, and conferences around the globe. With the increasing cost of organizing events and participating in exhibitions and conferences coupled with limited sales budget, maximizing the returns from such events is critical. There is a definite push from the archaic barcode technology towards more advanced RFID technology for security and data gathering at concerts, sports venues, conferences, and other ticketed events.

In the times of big data and social media, the focus has shifted from efficiency and automation only solutions to improved data capturing tools and social media footprint. IOS- EMAS  is designed to cater to these specific requirements of capturing data on-the-go and turning an automation and efficiency tool into a data mining opportunity.

Turnkey RFID integration solution

RFID Solutions & Academy Pvt Ltd an IOS Group Company provides complete turnkey RFID integration solution starting from pre-event consulting to on-the-ground execution and post event analytics. We carry out extensive on-site assessment and evaluation of the existing infrastructure along with a thorough review of the past events to design the best solution to improve the event experience for all the stakeholders. It helps avoid wastage of time and resources before, during, and after the event.

Event ID integrates various components of RFID tracking, combining customized RFID software with RFID readers and tags for streamlining the registrations, admissions, data exchange, and tracking live movements of visitors. Event ID also integrates social media platforms and supports prepayments for making events cash free.

Why RFID at Events?

Personalized event experience

Ability to track individuals and their interactions across the event venue helps in creating a personalized event experience for the visitors. Customized welcome screens with individual’s details to sending out custom thank you emails, the opportunities are plenty.

The amount of data that can be captured using the RFID technology provides huge potential for targeted sales and marketing. Event ID not only tracks every single visitor but also captures visitor interactions in real-time. The sponsors and exhibitors benefit greatly from a detailed log of visitor interactions, their demographics, and behavioural analysis. It also provides an opportunity to provide a personal attention to high value clients, and cater to the potential customers in real-time.

IOS-EMAS generates detailed analytics for the exhibitors, sponsors, and event organizers for targeted marketing and better client relationship management.

Social media integration

Social media is the marketing buzzword of today. Event ID helps create the buzz for the event within online communities by integrating Facebook, LinkedIN, and other social media platform. Visitors interact on these platforms with the simple tap of their RFID cards/wristbands and help spread the word. It not only provides visitors with an easy way to connect with the social media platforms but also helps build brand awareness and provide a medium for targeting marketing for exhibitors, sponsors, and event organizers.

  • Online and offline ticketing
  • Registrations, security and admissions
  • Personalized welcome screens
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Sales lead monitoring
  • Automated business card exchanges
  • Electronic exchange of information
  • Integration with social media platforms
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
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