RFID Student Tracking System

Student Tracking Sytsem 

Security is the Key for Students 
With out RFID Based Student Tracking System , RFID Based Chip can be installed in Student ID Card or their Uniform. 

Whenever Student Passes through the Zones like Entry/Exit of a School, Department or Area they can be tracked. 


  • You can send SMS to registered Number 
  • Alert through App 
  • NO Physical Touching and More than One Can Pass at the same time. 
  • VERY FAST – Both Attendance and Security Tracked at One TIME 
  • Easy to Install 
  • Connect to your School Management System 
  • Connect to your Server 
  • Consist of A Walkway Gate ( Entry /Exit ) /Laptop/Software /Antennae/RF Reader 


Additionally the same card can be used for the Library Management/ POS System for Canteen /Purchasing Books and other Items 

We provide both as Technology Solution or Outsourcing as a Service Model 

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