RFID Solutions

Technologies for Modern Businesses

RFID Forklift

RFID Forklift is used to improve inventory accuracy and reduce missing shipments by reading tags on the pallets or goods, the reading can allow tracking of the goods m

ovement and location within the warehouse. It can also be used to ensure that the correct goods

are shipped into correct container during the loading process. With the capability of integration to existing IT infrastructure through wireless, RFID Forklift improves visibility of the goods and the location level of the items being carried around. With this capability, this method RFID has adverse advantage over the dock door and fixed position RFID equipments.

Enterprise Software & System Backend
Wavex’s Enterprise Software is designed and customized according to different business needs and requirements. Wavex Enterprise Software is ready to leverage on existing wireless infrastructure and be integrated to Active RFID Technology, RFID Forklift, RFID Gantry Event Management System, RFID Smart Shelf, TRLS (Real Time Location System) Tracking Devices or RFID & Barcode Handhelds, in providing state-of-the-art total IT solutions to today’s business world.

RFID Smart Shelf
RFID Smart Shelf is used to facilitate the ever-increasing market demand for seamless, efficient and cost economical on-shelf item tracking AIDC process. It also provides programmable scanning of time-frequency and standalone factions to minimize any hindrance to operations or services. The RFID Smart Shelf is ideal for medical equipments, retail, file management, logistics and inventory.

RTLS Tracking
RTLS is fully automated system that continually monitors the location of assets or personal. It enables location tracking over any standard Wi-Fi network. This system allows better asset utilistaion, improves on your workflow , safety and security, accuracy and scalability, which will eventually optimize your cost savings.

RFID & Barcode Handheld
RFID & Barcode Handheld computer is suitable for outdoor usage of any enterprises that requires high degree of accurate real time data collection. Equipped with Wi-Fi technology, GPRS, Bluetooth and long-range barcode scanning capabilities; these devices also provide excellent sealing against dust and humidity in extreme environment to ensure continuous and mission critical operations.

Active RFID Technology
Active RFID Technology is useful, where identification with passive RFID Technology is not possible due to distance and inflexibility. Active tags also may transmit at higher power level than passive tags, allowing them to be more robust in “RF Challenged” environments with humidity and spray or with RF-dampening targets, reflective targets from metal, or at longer reader range.

RFID Gantry Event Management
RFID Gantry Event Management helps to process and manage secure entry of people in enormous volume at trade-shows, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, concerts and major sporting events and reduces staffing cost for such events. It also helps to improve attendees authentication, streamline registration, eliminate counterfeit pass/ticket problem, and allows accurate data capture for analysis reports. RFID system can be customized based on the needs of each event with unique business logics and strategies. The system can also allow event organizer to be able to identify areas with high traffic and increase traffic of areas that are being neglected. In addition to the personnel tracking capabilities. RFID for events can also play the part of managing the logistics and even the equipments that are to be used for the show.

Ethernet Backbone
Ethernet Backbone refers to the network infrastructure setup to provide reliable and efficient access to business information. It is a local area technology, not only with networks traditionally operating local area technology. Not only with networks traditionally operating within a single building, connecting devices in close proximity but it is also able to be spanned over tens of kilometers with modern advancements of network technologies. Wavex also plays an important role in the support of the back-end to allow technologies to be implemented with full integration with the entire operation.

Wireless Infrastructure
Wireless Infrastructure refers to the integration of technology, software, support, security measures and devices for the management and delivery of wireless communication. Our infrastructure allows IT to support and add value to critical business processes; as well as reduce cost, increase productivity and respond quickly to all business needs and complexities.

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