Barcode Reader

Pole-, wall- or ceiling-mounted, QubeVu Industrial offers all of QubeVu’s data-collecting capabilities in a hardened, adaptable configuration.

Distributed dimensioning – plus complete data capture

QubeVu’s power and flexibility mean you can dim every item in your chain of custody and benefit from true system-wide volumetric management. No more missed items due to bleed-off or direct routing. Flexibly eliminate bottlenecks in large facilities, and spread workload by delivering items to hubs as ready-to-transit. Measurement compliance is increased, revenue optimized. But beyond dims, QubeVu captures barcodes and OCR content as well as item images for verification, tracking, analysis and claim protection.

Perfect for e-commerce logistics, bulk & express freight, and supply chain solutions

Deploy QV Industrial over rollers, tables, and floor scales to optimize your workflow, or simply add to existing work areas with no floor plan alteration. Wherever you use it, QubeVu can help you capture significantly more revenue and manage resources more efficiently. And QubeVu supports Big Data analysis, to reveal even more savings and revenue opportunities.

As reliable as you are

Stop burning money and down-time on elaborate dimensioning contraptions. QubeVu’s patented 3D dimensioning technology outperforms other systems at a fraction of the cost – all with no moving parts, unparalleled ease of use, and minimal training required.

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