RFID Products

RFID Solutions & Academy Pvt Ltd ( RSAPL) provides end to end solution in the various field of the Business Cycles . We understand that RFID technology looks easy but has its own effects in terms of increasing business efficiency but cost as well . Our Team works with the Customers to make sure that Customers are able to drive the Best advantage of the Technology .  Our customers range from the Government to Event Managers to Warehouses who want to derive the maximum benefit from the Technology . As RFID is gradually becoming mature and also the cost is going down , but suggesting which hardware to use and which tag to use is a criticial decision for the Customers . We want to make sure that it becomes the right solution tailor made for your organization and not a shrink wrap solution which may not fit for the independent needs of the organization . We have specialist Team who can work nights to make sure your project and goals are implemented in a short period of time .

RSAPL works on the Philosophy of Customer is God and runs project  life cycle in the most professional manner using tools of project management like Ms Project  so the Customers and RSAPL knows where are they now . At no point of time , customer feels not in control of project and budget.

RFID, Radio Frequency identification is a technology, which includes wireless data capture and transaction processing. There are many different RFID applications, each with its distinct requirement, and new applications emerge quickly. This technology provides additional functionality and benefits for product authentication. RFID Solutions and Academy Pvt. Ltd. is  focused on delivering innovative, high value RFID solutions assisting companies track assets, people and documents. RFID Solutions and Academy provides robust and complete RFID solutions built on top of its extensible middleware/framework for clients.

Our products can be broadly classified as:

1) Hardware Products

2) Customized applications for our customers

3) Services and Training


RFID Solutions & Academy Pvt Ltd works as the VASP for Alien Technologies , USA

RSAPL manufactures RFID tags in high volumes and at low cost. The high performance Squiggle® line of tags powered by the industry leading Higgs™3 IC, is setting a new standard for sensitivity and read performance for Gen 2 tags. The RSAPL reader line of products offer superior read-range and software interfaces which makes it easier for customers to take advantage of RFID reporting for LAN and WAN based networks. RSAPL holds numerous patents and patent applications essential to tag design, reader design, RFID protocols, and tag manufacturing.

RSAPL products and services have earned designation as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technologies under the Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies (SAFETY) Act of 2002 for airports baggage and cargo handling systems. Designation under the SAFETY Act is granted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and provides legal liability protection to customers and users of RSAPL baggage and cargo implementations related to an act of terrorism.

RFID Readers

RFID reader is a device that is used to interrogate tags. RFID readers are generally composed of a computer and radio. The computer manages communications with the network, allowing tag data to be communicated to enterprise software application such as ERP system. The radio controls communication with the tag, typically using a language dictated by a protocol.


RFID tag is a micro chip combined with an antenna in a compact package. The packaging is structured to allow the RFID tag to be attached to an object to be tracked. RFID tag is designed and produced in a variety of shapes and sizes dependent on application requirement.

RFID Antenna

The antenna is a conductive element that picks up the signal from RFID reader or scanner and then returns the signals, usually with some additional data(like a unique serial number or other customized information).


Supply chain management:

Cutting across all markets, supply chain management is one major application of RFID. We build customer centric applications for effective inventory management, inspection history and transfer documentation ensuring that the end user always has accurate, real-time data. Organizations are already using RFID tags combined with a mobile asset management solution to record and monitor the location of their assets, their current status, and whether they have been maintained.

Brand Authorization:

In apparel, pharmaceuticals, entertainment and other brand-and royalty-driven industries, RFID provides brand protection down to the individual item level, leaving no scope for theft or item misplacement.

Asset Tracking:

Asset management is all about tracking, and knowing in real time, the various assets be it FMCG,IT assets ,pharmaceuticals etc. We have our presence in all major industry segments and have helped our customers move towards profit by letting them know in real time the whereabouts of their valuable products.

Race Timing:

Our timing system for various athletics events provides accurate reads up to 20 meters, allowing administrators to identify athletes split-seconds apart. Race timer saves 20 percent on costs per event and 5 hours per event in man power (compared to bar code or LF RFID).

In Academic Sector:

In the academic sector we are work in areas such as student attendance management, e-Libraries, where all processes can be done with the zap of a tag, embedded to the student ID card.


RFID Solutions and Academy Pvt. Ltd. also provides software engineering services and solutions development capabilities to its customers. Our RFID software competence is illustrated through execution of numerous successful projects over the last 8 years. Our services have helped companies implement EPC, LLRP, DSPI and numerous other standards. Our capabilities in RFID Technology have helped commercial and government organizations realize Asset Tracking/Management, Inventory Management, Distribution Management, etc.

RFID Software Team consists of professionals with a wide variety of experience in software architecture, development, customization, deployment, and maintenance. These experts provide development services to help you select the right software solution and implement it in the most efficient manner. They can analyze your business processes, help you write request for proposals, evaluate and select right platform and manage the projects, develop complete software, write software quality assurance (QA) procedures and develop test plans. Our customers have trusted us to guide them from project conception to deployment and beyond.

RFID Software Services Group develops custom applications for RFID devices management, control and integration to back end ERP and Legacy systems. We have implemented software projects involving BizTalk RFID 2006 R2, BizTalk RFID 2009, SAP and other middleware platforms. We have proven capability working with various ERP systems and can help integrate any RFID data with backend systems.

We know that the success of your project depends not only on how well it is implemented, but also on how well it serves the ever changing needs of your organization. We believe that training people to use and maintain the system is very important. We can create customized training and also deliver it to your employees so that they can provide the maximum uptime for your RFID system. There is no project small or big for our capabilities. We can custom develop an application from ground up or customize your existing application to meet your RFID system requirement.

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