Powerful and Easy-to-Use Gen 2 RFID Readers

Alien Technology provides an array of high-performance, flexible EPC Gen 2 RFID readers that are easy to deploy and manage. The Alien line encompasses readers compliant with U.S., European and Asian regulations, all based on a common software interface, the Alien Reader Protocol, to maximize return on investment and to speed implementation.

The Alien Reader Protocol gives RFID users a well-equipped toolkit for implementing effective RFID solutions. Using the Alien command set, Alien readers deliver the power and flexibility that software professionals and solutions engineers need.

Thanks to broad industry support, it is easy to implement with Alien Readers. The Alien Reader Protocol is supported by key RFID software platforms including Microsoft BizTalk RFID, IBM WebSphere, Oat Systems, Oracle, GlobeRanger and others. Proven support for SAP through middleware is also available. A well-documented SDK featuring .NET and Java libraries enables easy, custom interfaces to control the reader if desired.

The line includes the following readers:


Industry Leader in Ease of Use

  • Global EPC Gen 2 platform
  • Automatic inventory optimization
  • Feature-rich Alien Reader Protocol
  • Dynamic Authentication of Higgs ICs



Low Profile, Low Overhead, 4-Port RFID Reader

  • Feature-rich Alien Reader Protocol
  • 4 mono-static reader ports
  • POE eliminates cost of AC power drop
  • EPC Gen 2 dense reader interoperable



Ultra Compact and Networked

  • Rugged yet compact and lightweight for ease of use
  • Ergonomic design provides superior user comfort
  • “Connected” via the full set of wireless networking
    • IP65 sealing for dust and water resistance

Cost Effective Smart Antenna

  • Simple, low-profile solution for single antenna applications
  • Integrated, high-performance circular antenna — only 9”x 9”
  • POE eliminates cost of AC power drop
  • EPC Gen 2 Dense Reader Interoperable

powerlineECCO is a firm Barcode/RFID Reader/Writer which is still comfortably to handle even with the thickest working gloves.

SCANNDYbasicSCANNDYbasic is not much bigger than a cigarette package and weighs only 140g which makes it comfortable to take it everywhere. Through its firm ABS impact protection it survives the roughest work environments. In the inside it holds a powerful and adequate computer with the most modern Linux system software and all current interfaces for capturing AutoID data. Its high quality OLED color display enables a direct overview of all captured data via text or graphics and allows quick further processing. Through its modularity and all AutoID technologies SCANNDYbasic is always armed with the particular technique for you assignment task.

SCANNDYgunSCANNDYgun is the advancement of the basic variation and designed for the daily continuous performance in logistics and Industry. Its ergonomic gun grip with a big trigger button allows comfortable capturing even after countless scanned barcodes. Through its professional construction SCANNDYgun captures barcode labels and RFID tags pinpointed and the productivity rises.

Working over the head to achieve the AutoID codes at hardly approachable places SCANNDYgun is the data capturing professional for special assignments. Through its extensive accessory like its Long-Range RFID antenna or docking station, with which the mobile data collector can be used stationary and with cable connection, SCANNDYgun becomes an irreplaceable AutoID tool.


smartSCANNDY brakes up with all the painful data acquisition on paper with all the difficulties and misinterpretations! The modern way of data capturing based on direct connection to the desired system aims. Together with the approved method of PANMOBIL SCOUTtechnology, where the data is transferred automatically, directly and without and user intervention, smartSCANNDY will be your ideal logistic companion. The smart data collector is armed with 1D/2D barcode scanner and/or RFID reading/writing device for different RFID frequencies and standards and an additional high speed processor for converting captured AutoID data.