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Award Winning IP Video Codec ACTL3-AP and video transport LDMP

  • 1. Advanced compression technology for higher-quality HD/SD video contribution.
  • 2. Exclusive patented technology for reliable streaming over variable bandwidth public networks.
  • 3. The leader in mobile video encoding and streaming.
  • 4. The first solution where quality video distribution does not entail a Monthly Recurring Cost (MRC).
  • 5. Full range of offerings, including hardware, software and apps for business-critical scenarios.
  • 1. Network bonding capability to aggregate bandwidth availability, and also increases video reliability with network redundancy.
  • 2. Bi-directional communication between encoder and decoder eliminates the need for packet redundancy, provides better IP throughput and useable bandwidth availability.
  • 3. Maintained latency measurement over long periods, “no latency drifts”.
  • 4. Pre-determination of network conditions to adjust to alternate video network path.
  • 5. LDMP provides better Quality of Service metric than FEC (Forward Error Correction).
  • 6. Superior reliability over the public Internet’s “lossy” conditions.
  • 7. Non-Recurring Cost for integrated IP Transport (LDMP is baked into Hardware and Software).

Transmitting Video with LDMP 

LDMP is applied at both ends of a video stream workflow.


Streambox ACTL3-AC® Comparison

Exceptional-QualityIn video decoding tests, ACTL3-AP provided better quality and reliability than H.264 with a bitrate reduction up to 30%. That’s substantially better than what a comparison of peak signal-to-noise (PSNR) values would predict in contrast to HEVC.

Quality comparison tests have demonstrated that ACTL3-AP reduces the bandwidth request to keep the same quality compared to H.264.

Full range for encoding, delivery and play back.